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THE HOAX series: (The Hoax, Teeth of Gods)



Bored accountant, Joey Duvaine, needed a career change. World domination seemed like a fun gig.

Allowing himself to become a puppet in his genius friend’s religious con, Joey plays his part in a fraudulent miracle devised by a private special effects team. As the media and the public are divided on whether he’s a modern prophet or a clever scam artist, an FBI agent becomes interested in Joey’s financial transactions, possible terrorist motives, and the overnight popularity of his new cult.

But the agent’s investigation leads him down a path he’s unprepared for, as Joey’s benefactors have barbarous motives beyond the smokescreen of the hoax, and for them, humanity is merely a disguise.

Ebook and paperback available from Mundania Press or at Amazon

Watch the book trailer for THE HOAX!

Book Two of The Hoax seriesTEETH OF GODS


Old adversaries are forced into an alliance in this sequel to ‘The Hoax’, when an otherworldly assassin begins murdering former members of the Forest Bluffs cult. When conventional weapons have no effect on the unearthly killer, Agent Litner knows he has only one choice: To find Shep, his greatest and most frightening enemy, and ask for his help.

Ebook and paperback available from Mundania Press or at Amazon




RJ Wyatt never had much ambition, and certainly no interest in entering the medical field like his brilliant father. But when his father dies, he learns he’s inherited more than the family jewels. Forced to take over a secret lab conducting genetic experiments on the terminally ill, RJ muddles through with the help of his late father’s science team. But he also inherits some dangerous enemies from the old man, and they’re willing to kill to steal his secrets.
What follows is an unfolding mystery of conspiracy, murder and mutants.

Ebook and paperback available from Creative Guy Publishing or at Amazon

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GYPSIES STOLE MY TEQUILA : A story of music, aging, and assorted meat byproducts.


Like many people on the cusp of turning 40, former punk rock star Joe Blood is wrestling with the demons of his past. Unfortunately, one of them is living in his wall, and wants him dead by his birthday.

Paperback available at Bedlam Press and ebook available at Amazon




Respected artist Elliot Newton returns to his childhood beach home to explore a creative block that’s limited his painting for years. But when he digs too deep, he gets more than he bargained for.  Accidentally summoning the most powerful ghostly force ever known, he inadvertently sets it free from the lighthouse.

It wants vengeance. It wants souls. It wants leather pants.

Paperback and ebook available at Amazon




Callum Doherty picks up a trinket from an odd jewelry dealer at a hippie music festival, “a good luck charm” the man tells him. But days after clasping the pendant around his neck, he discovers it can’t be removed. After visiting every locksmith and jeweler in the city with no success, he reluctantly accepts he’s stuck with the thing. But when an overwhelming burst of success transforms him into a wealthy superstar overnight, he wonders what other sudden life changes are linked to the pendant–like the terrifying shape shifters he spies following him through the city, slinking around his property, and watching him while he sleeps.

Paperback and ebook available at Mundania Press or at Amazon




ZIPPERED FLESH: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad (Includes short story ‘Unplugged’ by Adrienne Jones)


Monstrous transplants. Appalling amputations. Bizarre implants. Nightmarish forms of body enhancements. Disturbing, perverse, often gut-wrenching stories–all between the covers of this anthology. Here are 20 tales by some of today’s best horror, suspense, and science fiction writers, including Graham Masterton, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Michael Laimo, Lisa Mannetti, L.L. Soares, Armand Rosamilia, Aaron J. French, Christopher Nadeau, Michael Bailey, Adrienne Jones, Charles Colyott, J. Gregory Smith, Michael Louis Calvillo, Jezzy Wolfe, Jonathan Templar, P.I. Barrington, Elliott Capon, Rob M. Miller, and Weldon Burge.

Available at Amazon


GRATIA PLACENTI: For the Sake of Pleasing (Includes short story ‘Party Makers’ by Adrienne Jones)


This is the much anticipated follow up to the Stoker nominated featured writer anthology Aegri Somnia. Gratia Placenti translated means “for the sake of pleasing.” Thirteen of the most sinister, darkest writers in the horror business were tasked with conveying their take on the theme of gratia placenti.

Available at Amazon


GRIMM AND GRIMMER (edited by Adrienne Jones and Pete Allen)


Grimm and Grimmer is a collection of fairy tales told from a modern perspective.

Part of the attraction of the original Grimm Brothers’ tales was the relevance to their audience, and the tales in this book capture the magic and horror of living in modern times. Though the settings vary, the talented authors within the cover of this book speak to the mysterious, the unknown and the unknowable.

Available at Mundania Press and at Amazon

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