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The Hoax Series will continue…soon

Adrienne Jones’ books THE HOAX and TEETH OF GODS are the most unique novels about angels I’ve ever read, and I’m chomping at the bit for a third book. Come on Ms. Jones, continue this series, don’t leave us hanging!


I appreciate so much the reviews and feedback I’ve gotten since releasing Teeth of Gods, sequel to The Hoax, earlier this year, and I promise, there will be a third book. Things have gotten a bit busy in other projects in my life lately, but I do have the next book outlined, and will get on it when it can have my full, undivided attention. These are my favorite characters by far, so I’ll give them nothing less than my best. I do aim to get back into the third installment before the end of the year, so will update here when it does become available. Cheers! The Hoax and Teeth of Gods are available on Amazon.

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